“All my projects are the outcome of research and experimentation with innovative and unusual materials, exploring the unexplored areas of light. Unfortunately during the last month, for the first time ever, I spent more time at my home rather than in my lab. There I get the chance to work with the only components I have in my home, rediscovering the value of shapes and lines. Transforming, reshaping and changing my point of view, I used what I had to create something new.”

Daily is a collection of minimal and essential lamps for everyday use. The whole collection faces human needs and reflects OliveLab vision: a perfect balance between elegant objects and emotional lighting.

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Quando la fisica incontra il design,
quando la poetica incontra la funzionalità,
quando una lampada incontra un'amore.

When physics meets design,
when poetics meets functionality,
when a lamp meets love.


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