Equilibrio is a lamp with no structure.
When the two ends of the lamp are close, the magnetic force in between them becomes strong enough to challenge gravity, letting the lamp magically float in the air. The bottom part does not have a rigid body but is attracted by the upper part via two magnets. Due to the weight of the base, the two parts never get in contact creating an intense sense of astonishment.
The design is pure and simple, balanced also from an aesthetic point of view. Equilibrio is the perfect object to light up every space.

" La poetica incontra la funzionalità "

" Poetic meets functionality "

Thanks to its design, EQUILIBRIO can have a more diffused light when the two ends of the lamp are perfectly aligned, allowing the light to spread from the bottom to the top part. Breaking the balance by taking the lower part, the light source can be used as a direct light.

For this reason we designed two accessories called "SERVOLUCE" that bring functionality to the poetic aspect of the lamp.
These accessories are meant to be easily installed near every Equilibrio lamp, and help to bring light wherever is needed. Thanks to the orientable arm you can point the light in every direction, passing from a very narrow and practical reading light to an elegant way to light up a painting.

The lamp is provided with a high power LED powered by a touch dimmer which allows the regulation of light brightness. The LED can be replaced.
The blast sanded diffuser is provided with a steel cable wire to reach 3.5 mt high. For higher ceilings a longer wire is available on demand. It can be installed very easily following the instruction inserted in the official packaging. The entire production is Made in Italy and all pieces are numbered.



power consumption

500 Lumen

interchangeable led


anodized alluminium


anodized alluminum

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo

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