"Un'oggetto è bello quando è capace di emozionare "

" A beautiful product, it's able to move people "

We live inside a Universe where everything that matters is kept together by few fundamental forces in a continuously floating state of equilibrium. The existence of the cosmic equilibrium has always been considered a fascinating phenomenon of compensation. EQUILIBRIO lamp is based on the same phenomenon : the balance between gravity and magnetic force.

EQUILIBRIO is a lamp with no structure. When the two ends of the lamp are close, the magnetic force in between them becomes strong enough to challenge gravity, letting the lamp magically float in the air.  

Thanks to its design, EQUILIBRIO can have a more diffused light when the two ends of the lamp are perfectly aligned, allowing the light to spread from the bottom to the top part. Breaking the balance by taking the lower part, the light source can be used as a direct light.



power consumption

500 Lumen

integrated led


anodized alluminium


anodized alluminum

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo

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