D02 Pendant

D01 Pendant

D.02 Pendant

Daily is a collection of minimal and essential lamps for everyday use.

D.02 Pendant is a minimal and elegant pendant lamp composed of a multiple number of high quality LED.
Available with 4 or 6 light sources, the shape of the lamp and the position of the lights is 
totally customizable. Perfectly fits on a dining table, in a living room such as in halls and bedrooms.

 The whole collection reflects OliveLab vision: a perfect balance between elegant objects and emotional lighting

Realized in Italy

"La leggerezza per me si associa con la precisione e la determinazione, non con la vaghezza e l’abbandono al caso."
Italo Calvino

Light Options

Punctual light – Lens 30°


Diffuse Light – Acrylic diffuser


Available Configurations

D.02 Pendant 4

Color and materials: Metal/Black Matt
Light source: 4 x LED 5w or 4 x LED 5w with light diffuser
code: D02P4 or D02P4D

D.02 Pendant 6

Color and materials: Metal/Black Matt
Light source: 6 x LED 5w or 6 x LED 5w with light diffuser
code: D02P6 or D02P6D

Technical Information

COLORS AND MATERIALS – Steel and aluminium, body in black matt finishing | Diffusers in sandblasted acrylic

LIGHT SOURCE – 4x or 6x LED 5w 300lm 2700K CRI90 1000mA

DIMENSIONS – Maximum length from ceiling 150cm | Adjustable position of single light source | Cable length between light sources 200 cm | Single light source dimension diameter 12cm x 3cm

CODES – D02P4L 4 LED | D02P4D 4 LED with diffuser | D02P6L 6 LED | D02P6D 6 LED with diffuser

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