Equilibrio is a magnetic lamp with no structure.

When the two ends of the lamp are close, the magnetic force in between them becomes strong enough to challenge gravity, letting the lamp magically float in the air. The bottom part do not have a rigid body but is attracted by the upper part via two magnets.

Due to the weight of the base, the two parts never get in contact creating an intense sense of astonishment. Equilibrio is a very interactive floor lamp that creates an entertaining and appealing sense of magic.

Equilibrio is a minimalist floor lamp.

Placed near to a wall or a corner, creates fascinating effects of shades and reflection. It is possible to create a composition of more elements at different heights. The design is pure and simple, balanced also from an aesthetic point of view.

Equilibrio is the perfect object to light up every space.Equilibrio sleek design lamp embodies precision, elegance and individuality. This piece is well suited in a private study or living room decor, surely making a statement with its distinctive and unmistakable look.

Equilibrio floor lamp provides diffused light when the two ends of the lamp are perfectly aligned. If we breaking the balance of the light source, the lamp can be used as a direct light.

The light holder accessories called Servoluce, have been designed to be easily installed near every Equilibrio lamp.

Light can be direct wherever it is needed passing from a very narrow and practical reading light to an elegant way to light up a painting.

The floor lamp is provided with a high power LED controlled by a touch dimmer which allows the regulation of lamp brightness.
Equilibrio has a light source placed at 1.65 mt and can be installed on ceilings heights up to 3.5 mt.

It is possible to change the light source height via a wire holder placed inside the base.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 30 × 50 cm
Luminous Flux

550 lm nominali

Input Voltage

90 ÷ 240V

Energy class



7 W (LED 4.7W)


Touch Dimmer

Light Source

3000K CRI 80 550lm nominal warm light to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere (recommended for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms), 2700K CRI 90 420lm nominal warmer light to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere (recommended for bedrooms and warmer environments)

Light tone - Tonalità della luce

Warm light 3000K, Extra Warm light 2700K

Finishing - Finitura

Black matte – Nero opaco, Brass Semi-gloss – Ottone Semi-lucido

Lead Time

1 to 2 weeks

Shipping Time

2 to 5 days



User Manual - Istruzioni


Designed by:

Giulia Liverani