Light is something that is part of everyday life, but none of us can see it flowing. We can only perceive light when it reflects onto the objects that surround us, but we can’t touch it with our hands. Or maybe yes? With Delumina a simple gesture is enough to experience the magical effects of polarization firsthand. Delumina is unique this way: rotating one of its two disks it is possible to adjust the amount of light that passes by, from the maximum brightness to the most total darkness. When the light does not pass at all the disc will appear to you of the blackest color you have ever seen. Nothing is wasted though: the light that does not pass will be reflected and diffused on the opposite side of the lamp, creating a pleasant effect of diffused light. There is no high-tech trick, only pure Physics.




" Non c'è nessun trucco di alta tecnologia, solamente pura Fisica. "

" There is no high-tech trick, only pure Physics. "

Delumina is very simple, there are no superfluous ornaments or additional components: the shape follows the function, nothing more. Two glass discs are are placed in front of the light source. Spinning the external disc, part of this light is obscured and the glass discs gradually go from totally transparent to totally black. Thanks to the polarization effect, the light of Delumina can be darkened gradually, allowing the user to decide the amount of light he needs, infact the quick and practical darkening function through the stick helps to create different types of luminous intensity as an anological dimmer.



power consumption

1000/1200 Lumen

interchangeable led


matte finishing


matte finisching

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo

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