5. Above


In the last editorial we fly.
Do you know a most iconic way to feel free?

Thanks to the images of Anna Brignolo, we make a journey over countryside and sea.
We fly over nature and men and discover how they live together and affect each other.
Change your point of view, as much as you can, and always fly!



4. DO


This editorial is a story: the story of Giappa.

The photographer Anna Brignolo tells us of a child who dreams the sea.
Starts on the beach in the summertime and continues in his mind. On his own, trying to figure out how to make his dream come true.
Studying, working. Doing, failing and studying again.
Till he is finally able to walk the perfect floor for those who dream about the sea.

This is the dream of someone else. Which is your dream?



3. Shape of nature


This is an injection of nature.

The third editorial is a collection of images of plants, water and animals. The photographer Anna Brignolo focused on how they live together and affect each other. An exploration on the origin of shapes and how they have been generated.
Sit down and get inspired by the shapes of nature.



2. Malagasy


Travel abroad.
See new places, smell new tastes, get in contact with new cultures and people.
Do you know a better way to set your mind free?

To overcome this lack of freedom, the second editorial is a selection of picts from Nosy Komba, an island in the north of Madagascar.
A journey from our couch looking for Malagasy point of view rather than for incredible beaches or landscapes.
An unusual collection of moments that we could miss during a real holiday in Madagascar



1. Estate Italiana


It is a trip in space and history.

The photographer Anna Brignolo sum up in a few reportage picts the synthesis of a summer in Italy, between the hot weather and the shapes of italian culture of architecture. A short selection of shots that stimulate our creativity through beauty, memories or imagination.




Creativity needs to be continuously stimulated.
To overcome this static period caused by quarantine we decided to create SUPERTRAMP : a design trip.
A weekly photographic editorial that allows us to travel with imagination and creativity!

We really hope you enjoy!

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo

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