"There are many ways to change the color of lighting in your home, but none feel so magical"

Mark Wilson, writer at Fast Company

Have you ever considered what important role does the sunlight play in our lives? How much is the light relevant within our memories?

Have you ever dreamed if you could record the light of a bright sunset, the sunlight of a road trip you have planned for years, or just a special day of your life, and then relive it whenever you want?

We did, and we made it possible.

" Your sun always with you "

The Story

Olive Studio found a way to capture the sunlight of a special day and reproduce it inside a room.

Sun Memories by Olive studio aims to make you relive the emotions of a specific day by emulating the sunlight of the moments you want to remember. The project was inspirited by the important role the sun plays in our life and how lack of sunlight affects our mood during winter.

The first step was designing and developing a wearable device able to record, through the use of a light sensor, the intensity and colour temperature of sunlight, for more than six hours.

Thanks to an easy APP interface, users can create their personal “Sunlight recordings playlist”, share their “suns” with friends, and send the information to the lamp – starting the sunlight reproduction.

The software embedded in the lamp drives a power RGB LED capable of recreating the daylight in all its features: its colour, intensity and fickleness: from the moments of shadow, to the vibrancy of a sunny day.

The final result is not a lamp that simply changes colour: the light of Sun memories is alive, it continuously changes. Making you feel the sun inside your own home.



remembering light



-A simple wearable device is able to capture environmental light levels form more than six hours.

-An easy mobile phone application helps you to store your personal "sunlights playlist".

-The software inside the lamp drives a powerful RGB LED which can simulate in details the richness of the natural daylight.

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo