" L'immortale danza della luce e del tempo "

" The immortal dancing of light and time "

Light is not only about lamps, is a way of furnishing. In every project we do, we try to enhance and give value to poetic and physics behind the phenomenon of light.

Inspired by the relationship between natural sunlight and the flowing of time, OliveLab studio creates Riflesso, a wall clock that uses simple beams of light as a way to show the time.  Thanks to a system of reflections and a LED source, drived by a brightness sensor, three hands of light flow on the wall, drawing time and creating a magic feeling in the surrounding. The simple and minimalistic structure of Riflesso help to focus on the light itself enhancing the immortal dancing of time.



power consumption

370 Lumen

LED bulb

Ambient Light Sensors

to auto-dimmer the LED


Brass and white finishing

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo