The wall version of Equilibrio was born with the desire to re-propose the concept on which the whole collection is based, namely the balance between gravitational and magnetic force, in a smaller and practical object.
The challenge was to design a wall lamp that combines Equilibrio’s magic and atmospheric light with a functional light able to enhance and define spaces.
The design put in the foreground this series’ two characteristic cylinders which, thanks to their bond and the magnetic force, attract each other but never touch. Those are highlighted by a frame that holds in the back two more light bulbs whose light beam tends to enhance the verticality and clean lines of the whole collection.

" La poetica incontra la funzionalità "

" Poetic meets functionality "

Thanks to its design, EQUILIBRIO wall combines both magic and functionality in an elegant object.

Developed as an enlargement of the collection Equilibrio Floor, the Wall version is a more classic object with a note of enchantment conferred by the magnetic attraction. Its perfect placement is in spacious living rooms, restaurants or halls but can also give unique character to bedrooms or corridors.

The lamp is provided with a high power 7W LED to light up the frontal cylinder diffuser and two GU5.3 bulbs that produce the rear light. Both the frontal LED and the rear bulbs can be replaced.

The product is Made in Italy.



power consumption

1400 Lumen

interchangeable led and bulbs

Brass and White


Steel and Brass

high quality material

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo

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