"L'equilibrio non si ottiene facilmente, ma si ricerca continuamente "

" Balance isn’t something you easily get, it’s something you have to gain "

Universe itself is constantly searching for its equilibrium, balancing different elements to reach an ideal condition.

Similarly, BOLLA is able to constantly equilibrate power and temperature to guarantee the desired lifetime of its LED. Heat dissipation is a crucial point of development in lighting. BOLLA uses a smart sensor to dimmer the power and hence the brightness depending on how much heat the surrounding element can dissipate.

The result is an incredibly thin light body: without any kind of heatsink it can adapt to mutable conditions. This system creates an unique human interaction: when the LED is inside water you have a powerful bright light, diffused by water itself. When taken outside, in the air, the light is soften and the beam become direct, using water as a natural lens.



power consumption

1000 Lumen

integrated led

autentic brass finisching

to dissipate the LED heat

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Photo Credits : Anna Brignolo